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Bad Habits

Grandma cooking eggs, bacon, grits and butter biscuits, holidays with the creamiest Mac n cheese, juicy ham, and dinners with fried chicken, pork chops and the tastiest side dishes are experiences that shape our eating habits.

Enjoying the Big Mac and crispy fries at McDonald's or the sloppy burgers from Burger King were weekend highlights. And pizza, how could anyone resist pizza? I can't answer that but I can tell you about the difficulties of walking away from the foods that we have grown to love and crave.

My taste buds have become addicted to all these calories and my metabolism is not as fast as it once was so my weight has become a concern. Every so often I crave these foods and I learned from the best how to cook delicious meals. Also, the easiest thing to do on the weekend is order out. These are my eating habits that I am trying to change. When your health becomes an issue it's time to start reading labels and paying attention to what you're fueling your engine with.

I stay pretty active but my eating habits have erased many workouts. Kickboxing is one of the best stress relieving workouts for me but I'm ready to see more results and Strawberitas on the weekend is holding me back. Along with eating late night, high calorie intake, and not drinking enough water can set you back from some of the best workouts.

Packing healthy snacks, resisting donuts in the break room and food shopping for healthier food choices are a few hurdles that I have to jump over daily.

The journey is somewhat exciting because you learn to cook new foods and you exercise self control and positive will power to achieve the desired results. Every day is a challenge and a chance to be victorious over my taste buds and food choices. One challenge closer to a snatched waist and toned physique. These 40's are for breaking bad habits and staying 40 fine. Comment your challenges, healthy snacks or meals you think I would enjoy. Thank you!

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