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Be Humble

Think highly of yourself! The way you feel on the inside will overflow to the outside, good or bad. So I highly recommend you shower yourself with love, positive thinking and good vibes. People will say be humble or don't think so much of yourself with a negative perception. I believe it's being taken out of context; growth and happiness annoy people and they will try to project that negativity onto others. They respond to confidence with jealousy, abandonment, and betrayal.

I wouldn't compare myself to other human beings and say I am better than or the best out of everyone. God created us all with the same love. However, I choose to be confident in who I am, while maintaining happiness for others who are confident in themselves and encouraging to those that need it. When you have lived with success, failure, love and heartbreak, survived it, while learning from it, you should be proud of yourself and walk in wisdom. It's ok to be confident, not arrogant.

In the Bible, book of Hebrews 10:35, NIV, it reads: "So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded." Without understanding the reward, I do understand my confidence is a good thing, something of value that I should cherish and protect. Life happens to us all and it will either build you or break you. Confidence is a building tool that will help navigate through the storms of life. I am CONFIDENT in writing that because the confidence we have comes from weathering storms and accomplishing our goals throughout life. So, I don't know who needs to read this but, "you're all that and a glass of wine" don't let anyone make you feel different.

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