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Finish your race

It's ok to be happy when you see other people winning. It's ok to cheer people on who are chasing their dream and making forward progress just like you. Chasing a dream is like running a race, but not just any race, a marathon. There are races that are ran a short distance and the victory is given to the person that crosses the finished line first. A marathon is ran thousands of miles and the victory is given to everyone who finishes.

In a marathon, there are other runners in the race but it's not about beating them, it's about finishing the race. Marathons, like our dreams, take physical and mental strength because they are such a long distance i.e. 5k or even 10 miles. I don't know about you, but if I jog right now, I might make it a quarter of a mile before I'm winded and walking. So just like a marathon, chasing a dream is difficult and you have to be prepared mentally and physically.
It would be nice to do win in record breaking time or to be the first one to finish the race but in a marathon there is sweet victory in simply finishing the race. Finishing a marathon is by far an easy thing to accomplish, so crossing the finish line is definitely an accomplishment.

Chasing a dream, just like running a marathon, will have other people that do the same thing you do. Some people may get inspired by seeing you do it and try to do it themselves. That's ok, wish them all the best, but don't get distracted. Run your marathon by staying on track and being focused on the goal, which is finishing your race. It won't be easy, you may get discouraged along the way, seeing people get further ahead but that's ok. You just have to keep running with determination to finish this race. The only way to lose is to quit running the race, quit chasing the dream.

I repeat, the victory is in finishing YOUR race. Distractions will slow you down and they can be dangerous, causing you to walk away and accept defeat after going a distance.
Spectators will witness your journey and voice their opinions but not everyone is there to see and support you. However, you will have your own cheering section. The bonds you make will become your support system and they will motivate you along the way. Some people will encourage and cheer for everybody and there's nothing wrong with that. Use the love from your support system to push you forward and ignore anything negative and distracting. Ignoring it isn't always easy but feel what you will about it and just keep going.
You have to just keep going or you won't finish and that means you will lose. I know I'm speaking figuratively instead of basically tell you to go after what you want in life and don't let anything distract you from getting it. Have a determination that gets up when you fall down, doesn't quit even when you are tired or in pain, I'm being figurative again. I'm going to end by saying something I have already said, the only way to lose is to quit. Always remember it's not really about who finishes first as long as you finish your race, you will have the victory.

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