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Gifts and Talents

A gift is something you were given. A gift is a skill that comes naturally without being taught or practice. Just like any gift, once received, you can do anything you want with it or nothing at all. God wants us to share our gifts with the world. You may be a great listener, motivator, teacher, comedian etc. You give of these types of gifts freely to make the world a better place.

Talents are also similar to gifts except you invest time and money into your talents. If you enjoy dancing, more than likely you will take dance classes or you will spend numerous hours practicing. Eventually you will want to earn money for your talent.

It's so hard to decide what to give away and what to charge for. Selling your gifts can take the leisurely pleasure out of the giving. You are held to a higher standard and under pressure to meet expectations of the customers you service. On the other hand, peowillple try to use your gifts to earn themselves money and for that you should guard your heart, gifts and talents.

Being artistic is my gift. I love to color and do makeup, act and take photographs of people and nature. However, I have been talented at working with children of all ages. I went to school, invested time and money in education and made it my career.

I also took my love for photography and invested time and money so I could charge a fee. Makeup is different, while it has the potential to earn an income, I don't wish to be a makeup artist. I am however a talented salesperson and would love to put some beautiful makeup brushes in the hands of women in the beauty community. I do makeup for fun and self care.

Why does any of this matter? You shouldn't charge for a gift that was meant to be shared with the world. Sharing your gift not only brightens the lives of others but it creates a positive karma and gives you an intrinsic reward that brings positivity to your life.

As far as your talent, determine your worth. That can be determined by the time and money invested, quality of products, target market or a combination of them all. After you determine your worth, add tax and shipping. Build yourself up from there and let people know your worth. If they will pay Rhianna, Michael Jordan, Kat Von D and MAC makeup, eventually they will pay you.

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