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My 2020 Wishlist

Building a business takes so much sacrifice. With a saturated beauty industry there is literally something coming out every day. Social media is constantly feeding us beautiful images of makeup perfection. If you are a makeup lover like myself, you agree that you could never have enough makeup. New palettes, foundations, lipsticks, lashes, primers, concealers and so much more is flooding your timeline.

I dream of a day when money isn't an issue. While I work for that day, I have created a wish list of beauty products I have to try this year. The list grows on a daily basis but the following items have my full attention and I can't wait to afford them and see if I love them personally as much as I do virtually.

Elson by Pat McGrath, a gorgeous red lip

Foundation by Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette Mothership and anything else by Mother

Pat McGrath gloss, a variety of colors

Ty'Ken Beauty glitter looks absolutely amazing

EXquisite Minks lashes because I love the owners energy

Rainbow Station contacts

Fenty Highlighter

Fenty Lipstick, a variety of colors

Quench Your Lips gloss

Of course, I will be using Yana's Eyes brushes to apply this beautiful makeup. And my other goal is to be on your wish list of beauty products. Check out our available brush sets and choose the set that best fits your personality.

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