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Makeup has been therapeutic for me. It's been time to myself, stress free and a moment to lay my burdens down and do something I love, that fills me with joy, no strings attached.

With life constantly happening, my skill and creativity has grown quite a bit. Artistic expression has helped me overcome so much stress and so many obstacles. Unfortunately, make-up wasn't always there to help with the pain life has caused.

Almost 16 years ago, I was engaged to be married and planning a family. Then, it all fell apart. No marriage, no children, just a broken heart and a burdened spirit.

On October 25th 2004, I mended my heart with a precious pitbull puppy that I named Ezra. My Ezra was so cute, smart and energetic. He filled my heart with love and joy. I took him everywhere, we took care of eachother for 16 years from Pennsylvania, all the way to Florida.

On March 17, 2020 I had to make a tough decision to say goodbye to my Ezra. Nothing could have prepared me for such a day. Suddenly, make-up couldn't soothe my pain; the tears wouldn't allow it. While I wanted him to live forever, I knew this day would come so I began to reminisce and think about all we came through together. Then I cried all the tears I could cry, picked up my brushes and went back into therapy.

The pain of not being married with children still lingers but the achievements, accomplishments and my Ezra have blessed me over the years. What God has for me is still ahead but in this moment, I'm grateful for my Ezra and everything else God has done for me. Now, back to therapy.💋

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