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I have recently defined public relations personelle as someone who represents a business in order to bring brand awareness and increase sales.

The saying is " there's a cost to be the boss" and that is so true but the cost should come back at least double. With every risk, there are hopes of a return. Increased sales and site traffic is the desired outcome, so who you choose has to be planned and thoroughly thought out. Investing in someone's skill and influence has a science to it. I have not figured it all out but I have created a criteria that I believe will benefit Yana's Eyes. Let's talk about it.

First, they have to be a customer. I consider customers that love my products enough to tell others just because they are good. It's a connection to the brand and the quality of the products for me. If you tell others just because you love the products, I take that into serious consideration.

Second, influence over multiple brands is a red flag. I now have a pet peeve of seeing my brand at the bottom of a long list of other brands. To me these influencers have their own agenda and no real loyalty to my brand; loyalty is a standard. Most of these influencers will often times get burnt out and disappear for long period of time. They can also have goals to reach bigger brands and use a small business to achieve those goals. I don't want to discourage anyone from achieving their goals but I too have goals for my business. I want women who are invested in my business, like I invest in their craft.

Lastly, consistency is the key to success. If you are consistent with your craft, I can assume you will be consistent with promoting my brand. Makeup brushes are a necessity in this beauty industry. So a passionate, focused and consistent influencer will achieve the goals of increasing sales and bring brand awareness to Yana's Eyes.

There is so much talent in the industry but not everyone talented artist is capable of helping a business achieve goals. With a clear criteria and concise contract, I'm will to give it another shot. Wish me luck!

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