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Stress Less

It doesn't matter if you are self employed or work a 9 to 5, stress is a part of every day life. We can work from sun up to sun down and there will still be work to do. Not meeting deadlines or getting enough done in a day causes stress. Then there is life that happens after hours that can also cause stress and anxiety. The balancing act of home and work is a mystery to most people because the drive and determination to be productive and accomplished pushes us, sometimes beyond our limits.

It often takes tragedy or an attack on our physical health to slow us down and take care of ourselves. One thing I have learned to be true, we make time for what we want. We should want to take the time to better take care of ourselves, so we are clear minded and in good health for whatever life deals us.

Taking a little time to rest and relax should be a priority before getting overwhelmed, burnt out or sick. A gym membership, make-up, a dance class, read a book, unplug from the internet, painting, shopping, go for a walk or simply take a nap can are just a few things that relieve us from stress and anxiety. Taking time to yourself gives your body a chance to recharge to be more productive.

Now, you can make plans to recharge or make excuses. Just remember nothing gets done if you are sick at home or in the hospital. My suggestion is to make time for yourself before getting sick and getting forced to take an extended break. Do something you love that takes your mind away from the every day stressors of life. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you. What will you do to recharge yourself?

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