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The Ugly Beauty Industry

Too often we hear about the ugly in the Beauty Industry. Where does it come from? Why does it exist? The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made but society has created a psuedoimage of what beauty looks like. That image is different in fashion, music and even from culture to culture.

In a perfect world, we can see and respect the beauty in one another without complaint or criticism. However, in the era of technology, we feel free to give our opinion of how someone else measures up to our perception of beauty. We volunteer our constructive criticism of how someone should dress, wear their hair and/or makeup without being asked. People post without careful thought of how the receiver will feel about their unsolicited comments.

They attack another woman's self-esteem and confidence without empathy or concern for her emotional health or efforts to magnify their beauty through fashion, make-up, and/or hair styling. We are all entitled to an opinion but the choice to voice your opinion negatively in a public forum is ugly to say the least.

These same women scroll past hundreds maybe thousands of beautiful pictures without a compliment or acknowledgement of another woman's success or beauty. This is the ugly in the Beauty Industry. We should compliment and encourage one another because this is what we want for ourselves. We desire the recognition and admiration so we should give it more than we get it. The karma of giving and publicly showing love is better than the return of giving hate and unsolicited constructive criticism. Together, let's erase the ugly in the Beauty Industry one compliment at a time.

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