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What About Your Friends?

Every business started with an idea. That idea costs money to be put into action. Depending on the time, cost and competitor analysis, the owner puts a price on their product or service. When brands reach a certain level of fame, we rarely question that price tag. We will spend a hundred dollars on shoes, $20 on one makeup brush, hundreds on purses, and buy the latest in makeup, hair and fashion, at full price, the day it comes out, no questions asked.

However, we question the growing businesses prices, quality, and worthiness of being in business. Support from friends and family is priceless under these circumstances. If they would purchase, post or share the business it may convince others to buy into the growing business. So why is it so difficult to get support from the people you know and love? Why is it so easy to promote the popular brands and so difficult to support a growing brand of someone you know personally without scrutiny.

People will demand discounts, free products and services but still won't do much to promote the brand or share it's existence. We can write a review, like and share a post or leave a public comment. We can even talk about the brand to our network of friends and co-workers. All which cost NOTHING, might I add.

I challenge you to pick a day or an hour to support a growing brand. Publicly compliment their website, buy a product, share a post or tell someone about their growing business. One day you might be in the same position and karma won't be a bitch, she'll be a bestie. It's okay to see other people grow and be successful. It's an amazing feeling to be a part of their growth as well.

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